About one fourth of high school students in Arizona will not graduate. 2 out of 5 third graders scored “proficient” or “highly proficient” in reading and writing. Only one third of eight graders scored proficient or above in math.

Budgets are low, teachers feel under-appreciated and students are underachieving.  There is a solution, but it will take the whole community to make our schools whole again.


School Connect helps build partnerships by engaging the faith community and collaborating with community partners to adopt local schools. We envision, network, train and coach community partners to build strong, sustainable relationships to support education through community involvement.

There are 1064 schools in Maricopa County, we want each school to have a partner, most likely from the faith community.  Once a relationship is established, the partnership can expand to other faith partners, local businesses, non-profits, government services, and other community partners.




In 2007, a small group of us, church leaders and educators, banded together to “blow wind into the sails” of this life-changing movement in the Washington Elementary School District, in Phoenix, Arizona.  We called it School Connect.  We are passionate about our next generation flourishing in our city and we believe that the faith community is an important partner in this process.  We believe collaboration with the entire community is critical to that flourishing and we want to help networking relationships begin. Read Our Story.




Wherever you live, there are schools in your neighborhood where you can become part of the solution.  Find out how.