Why Love Our Schools Day?

Love Our Schools Day is an opportunity for community members to connect with their local school - to roll up their sleeves and plant a garden, or paint a classroom.

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On a deeper level, this opportunity forms a connection point where community members and school leadership build friendship and trust as they work toward common goals.

Love Our Schools Day empowers local families, neighborhood organizations, businesses, and churches to make a lasting difference in the lives of our children and the success of our local schools, simply by showing up and asking the question,

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Love Our Schools Day has been taking place across Maricopa County for the last three years. Each year this event has grown and schools have received tremendous amounts of support from their communities and have created beneficial relationships that impact each organization throughout the entire school year.

Use this Love Our Schools Day Road Map for simple steps to success!


Schedule Love Our Schools


The first step to get started is setting a date on the calendar!

Remember these TIPS:

  • Check with your District to make sure the school can have the AC running and nothing else on the schedule will compete

  • Make sure your Facilities Manager can be present!

  • Check with School Partners for any major conflicts

This year, Love Our Schools Day is being hosted by School District between September 28th, and October 26th.

Contact info@schoolconnectaz.org  if your School District Date is not listed below!