We empower children by connecting schools to their community.

Every child should have someone to help them unlock their potential. Sadly, many children face a tidal wave of obstacles and are disconnected from those with the power to help. Poverty, hunger, illiteracy and fragmented families isolate children, cutting them off from their vibrant futures. In the face of this challenge, what can we do? It’s time to stand together.

Join School Connect to team up with local heroes who are making a difference at their local school! Together we can bridge the gap; together we can empower the children in our communities!

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What is Love Our Schools Day?

Love Our Schools Day is an opportunity for community members to connect with their local school - to roll up their sleeves and plant a garden, or paint a classroom. On a deeper level, this opportunity forms a connection point where community members and school leadership build friendship and trust as they work toward common goals.

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Love Our Schools Day is being hosted by School Districts Sept 27 – Oct 26

Check out the 2019 Schedule for your School District Date!

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Come Share About Your Organization!

School Connect brings together business, faith, nonprofit and other organizations to build sustainable partnerships to support education through community involvement.  There are many organizations who serve schools in amazing ways, we want to get to know you!  We would love to invite you to meet with us and share more about your organization so we can better understand your strengths and priorities and how best to connect you to school districts.  We hold gatherings every 5-6 weeks! Please register here, or email info@schoolconnectaz.org for more information.

A CAFE, or Community And Family Engagement event is hosted by a school district to get community partners engaged at schools in their district.  

Hosting a CAFE at your school district is hard work, but the benefits greatly outweigh the effort.  School Connect would love to help you organize a CAFE in your district.  Go to our resources page to request a checklist and printable documents to host a CAFE for your district or contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you!

Palo Verde Community Soccer Field

As neighborhoods change the needs of children in schools also change and grow.  See what happens when the community gets together to build a soccer field at a local school.  Community television station Know99 in Phoenix, AZ reports on the difference that building a collaborative can make through School Connect.  Find out the rest of the story...

Wieters, Lori. 2016. Collective Impacts' The Building of a Soccer Field. Grand Canyon University, Phoenix AZ

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