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Now that you have picked the date for Love Our Schools Day, identified community partners who want to be in a partnership with you and will help with projects at Love Our Schools Day, and identified what projects you want to work on for the day, now it is time to share with your partners and others in the community what you plan to work on during this time. 

On the School Connect website, there is a link for 'Find a School!' and here is where every school that is partnered with School Connect has their own webpage where they can post projects throughout the year for their community partners to know about. Each school page has the name of the school, the school district name, the address of the school, and the various projects the school has listed. 

When posting projects on the web app, you can provide information about the project like what the project is and what the volunteers will be doing, if they need to bring any equipment or supplies with them, how many people you might need working on the project, and identifying a project leader to answer any questions someone might have about the project. 

This webpage is a great place to post projects for Love Our Schools Day, as well as projects you want to host throughout the school year. A project for later in the year could look like having volunteers provide a dinner for teachers during parent teacher conferences or providing breakfast for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The web app makes coordinator volunteers for projects a breeze!

If your school is not currently on the webpage or you need assistance in posting projects to your school's page, please contact School Connect and we would be happy to assist you!

Check out these videos on how to use our web app!