Tips For Success

Having a successful Love Our Schools Day event is the key for partnerships to form and to last for years to come. As you begin to work with multiple groups of people, it is important for everyone to work together and keep the needs of the school at the forefront of what is happening. Attached is a Tips for Collaboration document that provides some key points for collaboration and helping to keep all partners involved moving in the same direction. 

While School Connect does a lot of work with districts and schools to research potential partners, host Love Our School Days, and CAFEs, we also meet with organizations and members in the community and talk with them about being involved with their local district or school. When meeting with these potential partners, we talk about not forcing an agenda on the school and forcing the school to create a program that they do not need. Instead, we talk with them about the skills and resources they have to offer that would be valuable to a school and how to approach a principal about forming a partnership. We use the 'How to adopt a school' handout when talking with these organizations to give them some ideas on how to approach a school and wanting to form that partnership.

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Tips for Collaboration