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Planning The Event

Planning for Love Our Schools Day can never begin too early, and while it may look like there are many steps to hosting this event, you probably have more work done already than you think!

The first step is selecting a date that works within your school calendar. The month of September is when School Connect would like to have Love Our Schools Day Month across Maricopa County, but if that does not work with your calendar, October might look better for you. Earlier than September can be difficult with the start of school and anything later than October also becomes difficult with the holiday season approaching. When it comes to selecting a date, it is best to make sure it works with a majority of your community partners, but as the school, you have final say in the day and time of the event. 


While planning for Love Our Schools Day, creating a leadership team or using an existing one can help keep the vision and mission of the school at the front of this service day while working with community partners and using their expertise to achieve the goals of the school. Make sure this team includes the facilities manager, as they tend to have the most knowledge about the school and know what steps need to be taken to address any issues with painting or cleaning supplies that volunteers will be using. 

It is also a good idea to see if your district or school has a site improvement form or any other paperwork that needs to be completed before the event before any projects take place. Without the paperwork completed in a timely fashion, the projects will not be able to take place.

Attached is an example of a site improvement form from the Washington Elementary School District.