Next Steps

Now that the fun of Love Our Schools Day has passed, you may be wondering what your next steps are now that you have a connection with various community partners. The answer to that question is you will now want to start planning a Community And Family Engagement (CAFE) event. A CAFE is where you invite all the community partners you have to an event where you talk about your school's strengths, needs, and your strategic plan and how all of your community partners can come together to address these areas and put the school at the center of the community.

Use these resources and make them fit the needs of your school. Change the logos and pictures to your school and students to help your community partners feel a stronger connection with you!

CAFE Training Guides - Select the titles below to see a PDF document of the information. 

Invitation Flier Example 


Table Discussion Questions 

5 Target Areas

5 Areas of Growth

Thank You Card