Why Love Our Schools Day?

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Love Our Schools Day is an event hosted by schools that invite community partners onto campus to address needs of the school and begin forming a mutually beneficial partnership. Projects for Love Our Schools Day vary by each school and can look like repainting the teacher’s lounge to cleaning classroom furniture. Each school develops a leadership team to brainstorm the needs of their school and what they hope to accomplish on Love Our Schools day. After the school has identified the projects they want to work on, they begin to reach out to the community to look for businesses, faith organizations, and non-profits that want to create a mutually beneficial partnership with the school. Following Love Our Schools Day, the school then hosts a Community and Family Engagement (CAFE) event to invite these partners back to learn more about the school including their strengths, areas of transformation, and how these partnerships can help the school flourish.

Love Our Schools Day has been taking place across Maricopa County for the last three years. Each year this event has grown and schools have received tremendous amounts of support from their communities and have created beneficial relationships that impact each organization throughout the entire school year.

Love Our Schools Day does require some time and focus from those involved to plan this event. In order to make sure everything runs smoothly School Connect has created a road map that easily identifies the steps needed to plan and host this great event. 


Schedule Love Our Schools Day

As you begin the process for planning a Love Our Schools Day, look at your school calendar and find a date that works best. Typically a Saturday morning from mid September to mid October works well for most schools. Communicating with your partners is also a good idea to ensure that you have an adequate number of volunteers present for the event.

  • Plan the date on the school calendar
    • Make sure no other major events are taking place
  • Begin communicating with the district to make sure the school can have the AC running and access to the locations where the projects will take place
  • Talk with the Facilities Manager to make sure they can also be in attendance at the event