Expand your influence in the community through serving schools

Did you know that most of the needs in our communities are represented at the local school?  The truth is that schools are a cross section of the issues facing our communities; broken homes, substance abuse, foster children and orphans, refugees, special needs, and so on, and so on… The same kids in your congregation are the ones sitting in the classrooms where your church can make a difference!

How Can Churches Get Involved?

Appoint someone from your church to connect to the administration, staff and student to begin building relationships.  Plan and coordinate serving projects at the local school, encourage members to volunteer.  Learn from the school, not only what they need, but what they have to offer the community.  Partner with them to make the community stronger. Contact us for more information.


How to Collaborate with Another Church!


Listen to Mark Reiswig share his experience at a Love Our Schools Day event at Landmark School!

Shiloh Community Church on Love Our Schools Day!

Copper Hills Church on Love Our Schools Day!

Marley Park Elementary