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Community Partnerships

Community partnerships is what makes Love Our Schools Day come alive and the community centers itself around the school. Partners can come from various sectors like businesses, non-profit organizations, faith organizations, the government, and even members of the community who might not have students in the school, but care about the school and the students. 

As a leader of the school, you might already have some relationships with organizations, but might not think of them as partnerships yet. A great place to start looking for partnerships is by starting within your school and seeing what types of relationships with organizations you already have. By starting with the groups already in your school allows for an easy conversation about turning that relationship into a partnership that is mutually beneficial for the school and the organization. 

After identifying and talking with the organizations already in the school, move your search for partners into the community. There might be a few churches down the street or the pizza restaurant that hosts fundraiser nights for the school. Visit these places and begin a conversation about starting a partnership or deepening a current relationship you might already have. It may feel like you are asking for a lot when you visit and talk with these places, but understand that the goal of the partnership is that it is mutually beneficial and while you may not have a lot to offer at the moment, within a few years, you can work into your strategic plan a way to give back more to the community.

Attached is the '5 Areas of Transformation' worksheet that can help you identify partnerships you may already have and also where you might want to start looking for additional partnerships. 

5 Areas of Transformation