We help people build partnerships with schools in their neighborhood.

Currently there are 1,171 public schools in Maricopa County that serve 717,217 students. These schools enjoy a community of students, teachers and administrators, rich in diversity and culture. However, things are not perfect. Generally, teacher turnover is high and community involvement is low.  As budgets continue to be cut and tensions in the education system rise, it is the students who suffer, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

School Connect helps build partnerships by engaging the faith community and collaborating with community partners to adopt local schools. We envision, network, train and coach community partners to build strong, sustainable relationships to support education through community involvement.  For example, an urban middle school in Phoenix, Arizona, faith-based organizations, and the local community formed a school collaborative and within three years academic measures "increased by 27 points and discipline problems...decreased by 60 percent.”

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 LOVE OUR SCHOOLS DAY 2017 | Coming: September 30th*!!!!

Email us directly at info@schoolconnectaz.org to get involved!

On October 1st, 2016, over 10,000 volunteers served 265 schools across Maricopa County. This year we hope to engage even more schools!!!! Find out more: schoolconnectaz.org

Love our Schools Day 2016 was a huge success! There were 10,000+ volunteers from 50+ churches at 265 schools  in 30 school districts across Maricopa County! Thank you for helping to make a difference in the community! 

Check out what volunteers and churches are saying about Love Our Schools Day on Facebook at #loveourschoolsday

Get ready for Love Our Schools Day 2017 on September 30th!

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*Love Our Schools Day will be on October 14th for Deer Valley Unified and Peoria Unified School districts.

Come Share About Your Organization!

School Connect brings together business, faith, nonprofit and other organizations to build sustainable partnerships to support education through community involvement.  There are many organizations who serve schools in amazing ways, we want to get to know you!  We would love to invite you to meet with us and share more about your organization so we can better understand your strengths and priorities and how best to connect you to school districts.  We hold gatherings every 5-6 weeks, please email info@schoolconnectaz.org for more information.

School Connect Summit 2017

On January 19th 2017 School Connect hosted a Summit at Grand Canyon University where 32 school district superintendents from Maricopa County hosted 400+ community partners to begin the conversation of bringing support to local schools. Superintendents shared the strategic plans of their school districts and community partners discovered ways that they could serve schools that fit their organization.  The reverberations are being felt throughout Maricopa County! 



Community And Family Engagement - CAFE

A CAFE, or Community And Family Engagement Night is hosted by a school district to get community partners engaged at schools in their district.  

Hosting a CAFE at your school district is hard work, but the benefits greatly outweigh the effort.  School Connect would love to help you organize a CAFE in your district.  Go to our resources page to find a checklist and printable documents to host a CAFE for your district or contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you!

Palo Verde Community Soccer Field

As neighborhoods change the needs of children in schools also change and grow.  See what happens when the community gets together to build a soccer field at a local school.  Community television station Know99 in Phoenix, AZ reports on the difference that building a collaborative can make through School Connect.  Find out the rest of the story...

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Wieters, Lori. 2016. Collective Impacts' The Building of a Soccer Field. Grand Canyon University, Phoenix AZ

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